• MAGIC WITHOUT TAPE - This beautiful halo hair extension is perfect for ladies who wants to add more length and volume. Also known as “invisible-line” extensions, this two layer hairpiece comes in two pieces to blend the hair effortlessly and provides natural, voluminous results. The first weft sits on a mono-line adjustable track while the second layer is clipped in to secure the extensions in place.
  • SOFT QUALITY YOU NEED- It feels and looks just like real, healthy, smooth, silky synthetic hair and will blend seamlessly with your own. The excellent quality also ensures that you don’t have to worry about the extension tangling or shedding. This hairpiece is convenient and easy for lady who wants to add volume or length. In seconds, you can just transform into a whole new look. It is the go-to hair therapy solution for women with no glue or toppers needed!
  • HIGH VERSATILITY- The simplicity and minimalistic design of this hair extension makes it great to style into any look or for any occasion. Whether it is a casual brunch with friends, a trendy music festival like Coachella, a fun night out at a club, or a formal dinner with colleagues, this hair extension will always have you looking and feeling elegant and sexy. Even if you are a student, busy office worker or fashion model, this extension works with any person regardless of their lifestyle.
  • NO MAINTENACE- Due to its lightweight nature, it provides a full, textured look without weighing your head down, allowing comfort all day long. Whether you are running, jumping or dancing, the binding will securely blend to your head throughout the day. This versatile hair piece allows you to create many different gorgeous, glamorous looks. You can use styling tools, such as a curling iron, flat iron, to style the ponytail to match your aesthetic.
  • You can wear other hair accessories, such as headbands or scrunchies to embellish your look even more. The hair piece comes in many beautiful shades and stylings, so you can pick the one right for you. On the other hand, if you are going for a brighter, bolder look, you can dye the hair extension. Using the right tools, this hair extension will help you achieve your wanna-be celebrity look, as it also can be a great prop for Halloween, cosplay, parties or photoshoots.